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The 2012 Summer Olympics are here! NORMS Restaurants is excited and wants to celebrate the 2012 Olympic games with you and the family!

NORMS is the BEST Restaurant to grab a bite to eat before watching your favorite 2012 Olympic event.

Check out the NORMS 2012 Summer Olympics video below to get you in the 2012 Olympic game spirit!

Whether it’s the NORMS Fruit Topped Hotcakes Serenade, the delicious NORMS Filet Mignon, or a NORMS Ice Cream Dessert, NORMS has the meal you want to try before the 2012 Olympic games begin or after you have watched your favorite 2012 Olympic event.

Race on over to one of NORMS convenient locations to WIN BIG when you bite into the NORMS Fruit Topped Hotcakes Serenade.

Two Hotcakes with your Fruit Topping choice of Strawberry, Apple-Cinnamon, or Blueberry Hotcakes.  Served with two strips of Bacon, two link Sausages, two Eggs and Hash Browns!  Only for $5.99!  What a great meal for such a steal!

Not in the mood for NORMS Fruit Topped Hotcake Serenade? Well, then hurdle over to the next great option. The NORMS “King of Steaks” Filet Mignon Menu will knock your socks off!

NORMS Restaurants “King of Steaks” Filet Mignon Menu (Starting at just $13.99!), has a variety of Filet Mignon meals to make you feel as you have won the Olympic Gold.

From the NORMS Filet Mignon & Eggs, to the NORMS 1/2 Pound Filet Mignon Dinner, to the NORMS Filet Mignon & Shrimp Scampi, the NORMS “King of Steaks” Filet Mignon Menu is the best in Los Angeles and Orange County.

End your meal right with the award winning NORMS French Vanilla Ice Cream. Choose between the NORMS Super Scooper Schooner Sundae, the NORMS Gigantic Hot Fudge Brownie a la Mode, the NORMS Apple Pie a la Mode, or one of NORMS tasty Milkshakes.  Now you are ready for the Olympic celebrations to begin!

NORMS Olympics

If you’re in the mood for something else, no worry NORMS has a winner of a menu. To see the entire NORMS Menu Click HERE

No matter what you order, NORMS is the place to be during the 2012 Summer Olympics. NORMS Restaurants are the most kid friendly restaurants in Los Angeles and Orange County. To view NORMS Kid’s Menu, click HERE.

With convenient restaurant locations in SOCAL, NORMS Restaurants are never too far away. That means no long car rides, no stress, and a relaxing summer! To find the NORMS Restaurants location nearest you, click HERE.

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Let the 2012 Summer Olympic Games begin!


NORMS Restaurants Best Milkshakes & Desserts in LA and Orange County 24/7

Whenever you think of NORMS Restaurants (now locations throughout SoCal) you immediately crave an ice cold NORMS Old Fashioned Milkshake. Retro cool and still served in the Shaker Can so you don’t miss a drop.

So what is it about a NORMS Milkshake that makes it so incredibly delicious? NORMS makes it with French Vanilla Ice Cream made exclusively for NORMS. Ice Cream so good it won a Gold Medal for Excellence at the Los Angeles County Fair.  Imagine three big scoops of NORMS premium French Vanilla Ice Cream mixed with dairy-fresh milk slowly making its way through a straw to meet the expectations of your patient little taste buds or just gulping it down with a spoon. Yum!  So, move over smoothies and yogurt, NORMS Old Fashioned Milkshakes are the new lemonade. Your choice of Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry. And, for all you Hollywood movers and shakers, NORMS is always open!

Or, try one of NORMS Desserts.  NORMS has the Best Desserts in SOCAL.  From the NORMS Super Scooper Schooner Ice Cream Sundae to the NORMS Gigantic Hot Fudge Brownie a la Mode to the NORMS New York Cheesecake, your pallet will be giving you a high five!

NORMS Milkshakes and NORMS Desserts are served 24/7! To see the entire NORMS Dessert and Milkshake selection head to the NORMS Website.