David Cox

David Cox is the Corporate Executive Chef for Norms Restaurants. Chef David, a native of California, joined Norms in 2003 and is a graduate of the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont and a Certified Executive Chef with the American Culinary Federation. He has worked in several prestigious restaurants including 5-diamond Inn at the Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach, 4-star Hotel Sofitel in Redwood Shores, and the Award Wining Hot Concept – Left at Albuquerque, a Southwestern concept, casual dining chain.
Chef David develops seasonal menus for Norms that feature delicious new menu items that showcase his culinary education and travels. His recent culinary excursions have taken him from San Antonio, Texas to Saint Helena in the Napa Valley. His inspirations from Latin American, to Asian and Mediterranean flavors have all been displayed in Norm’s seasonal menus.

Chef David’s efforts in standards, research, and the development of exciting new seasonal menu items, have all met with great success by Norm’s guests and in public surveys.

16 thoughts on “About our Executive Chef

  1. There is a great building coming available in Temecula California on the corner of Winchester and Ynez Road. It would be great to have one of your restaurants here!!!

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  5. Great Restaurant in Claremont, went there twice in one day and very clean. however heard a seater quietly use profanity when a couple did not move fast enough when their party was called. I spoke to the manager Jessica; who didn’t seem to believe me. Employees need to watch their actions and pay more attention when dealing with customer service.

  6. I have a great food invention that is registered with the USPTO. It is not on the Market. I visit Noem’s guite abit an it is not on the Menu. I would like to talk to someone about it. Norms might be interested in it. Ralph 714-468-3134 or 714-775-1726

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